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Viator Exclusive: Palazzo Colonna Walking Tour

Viator Exclusive: Palazzo Colonna Walking Tour This is a three-hour small group walking tour of the Palazzo Colonna. Tickets are limited and each group will consist of 20 people maximum with your own guide - and are only available through Viator. Experience the artistic elegance of Rome between the 15th and 17th century, as you roam the Palazzo Colonna on this guided visit through its gallery and surrounding rooms. It has been continually renovated, rebuilt and redecorated by famous architects, Palazzo Colonna now reflects the various fashions and tastes of the numerous princes, cardinals and popes who've resided here.

From classic statues and marble floors, to paintings and frescoes, each artwork has been carefully preserved and accumulated over the 23 generations in which the Colonna family inhabited the Palazzo.

Your expert art history guide will lead you through the gallery rooms elaborately decorated with antiques, tapestries and furniture dating back to the 17th century. Notice too an abundance of paintings and frescoes lining the palace walls; all original masterpieces by the likes of Pintoricchio, Veronese, Carracci, Tempesta and Dughet to name a few. The galleries were used as the setting for the grand palace scenes in "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

Following your palace tour, accompany your guide through Rome's historic streets to the monumental Trevi Fountain, famous for Anita Ekberg's night walk during her "Dolce Vita" hours, where your guide will give you a further description of this beautiful setting. There your walking tour concludes.

Price - Starting from $133.54 per person
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