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Underground Berlin - Subways, Bunkers and the Cold War Walking Tour

Underground Berlin - Subways, Bunkers and the Cold War Walking Tour This Berlin walking tour will lead you into two active civil shelters from the days of the Cold War. The first one is beneath the Blochplatz and is part of the Underground station Gesundbrunnen. Originally an Air Raid Shelter from the days of the Second World War, it was renovated completely in 1983. Theatre Performances by the "Berlin documentary theater" take place in the shelter and insights into the backstage of the production will be given.

The tour details the history of this construction, especially after the Construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961. The "Wall in the Underground" is discussed including plans by the authorities of the GDR to separate the Berlin Sewer System beneath the border. Hear about the so-called "Ghost stations", underground stations beneath the streets of East-Berlin which were closed to the public but used by the transit lines on their way from the West through the East and back again to the West. Also, your tour guide will discuss the question of how safe such anti-nuclear bunkers in a case of a serious blast atomic stroke really would be.

From the Civil Shelter beneath Blochplatz you will walk through a dark passage, directly into a transformation station of the Berlin Transport Authorities. Here, some information is given of how the electricity supply for the Underground network functions. The last part of the tour will lead you to another shelter, just one underground station away at Pankstrasse. This modern air raid shelter was opened in 1977 and more than 3,400 people can be protected in the fourth biggest installation of this kind in Berlin. In case of a potential nuclear disaster, the whole underground station Pankstrasse could be closed and converted into a shelter. Pass the big steel gas locks and get an idea of what it means to be isolated from the outside world.

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Price - Starting from $12.14 per person
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