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Private Tour: London Walking Tour

Private Tour: London Walking Tour Your tour starts from Westminster Abbey, perhaps the most beautiful early Gothic building in Great Britain and still used for daily worship and royal functions. The Abbey was a royal mausoleum for many centuries and from 1066 when William I was crowned in the Abbey. The Abbey was rebuilt in 1220 in the then new Gothic style and the Henry VII Chapel (1503-19) is one of the most beautiful examples of the perpendicular Gothic.

Walk down Whitehall towards the Banqueting House. This was built in 1619-22 by Inigo Jones for James I Stuart in Palladian style. His son Charles 1st continued this richly decorated Royal Palace, an extravaganza largely used for masques, plays, balls and other ceremonies for the Queen and King. Inside its impressive hall is a ceiling decorated by Rubens in 1629 celebrating the triumph of James I.

Enter Trafalgar Square, then cross to the National Gallery. With Nelson's Column in the center, you can see through the Admiralty Arch, the Mall which leads to Buckingham Palace. The National Gallery opened in 1838 to house one of Europe's greatest collections of Old Master's paintings. Italian Renaissance, Flemish, Dutch, Spanish, French, English and German works from their great artists are displayed. View art works by Jan Van Eyck's famous "Arnolfini Wedding", Piero della Francesca's magnificent "The Baptism of Christ", Botticelli's sensuous "Mars and Venus", Leonardo's "Virgin of the Rocks", Ruben's breathtaking "Chapeaux de Paille", Rembrandt's moving last self portrait and the great French Impressionists collection with Renoir, Monet, Pissarro and Cezanne.

This in-depth private tour is hosted by an English-speaking guide specializing in art history. Please list any special interests you have (art, architecture, history, culture) at time of booking to alert our guide, so that he or she can better prepare for your private tour.

Price - Starting from $89.36 per person
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