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Paris Walking Tour: World War II

Paris Walking Tour: World War II This 2-hour World War II Walk will take you back to Paris' darkest hours - the Nazi occupation. Explore subjects such as the invasion of France, the Resistance, life in Paris during the occupation, the D-Day invasion and of course the Liberation itself. Also included are visits to specific Paris sites related to this historical time period.

Highlights of this walk include:

  • Hotel Meurice, the hotel that housed the Nazi headquarters during the occupation that still has a bullet hole in the door crest.
  • Prefecture de Police - current-day Police headquarters and site of the initial uprising against the occupation.
  • Deportation Memorial, in memory of the over 200,000 individuals sent to concentration camps across Europe.
  • The Resistance, their leaders, secret communications, sabotage and their fate if caught.
  • Parisian Life During the Occupation, what changed, their stories and a time in life spent looking over their shoulders.
  • Charles de Gaulle, leader of the Free French and future President of the Republic.
  • The Liberation, fighting raged throughout the city until the surrender on August 25, 1944.
  • Germany's Conquest of France and the blitzkrieg that overwhelmed France's defenses.
  • Vichy France, the name given to the French government led by General Petain that collaborated with the Nazis.

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