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Paris Night Bike Tour

Paris Night Bike Tour

Paris Night Bike Tour is perfect for both those new to the city and Parisian veterans. For the beginners, this tour will offer you a fantastic orientation and give you an opportunity to see virtually all of the sites you've read about. For the veterans, you will learn new facts and stories about Paris that you've never heard before. You are sure to agree that biking is the best way to see the "City of Light".

The ride is not the least bit strenuous, rather relaxing, energizing and fun. And of course you will stop regularly for photo opportunities. There is more riding involved and slightly less information than on the day tours, but the city at night is fantastic! You will cruise through Paris as the city lights up and you see Paris from both bike and boat (free wine is included on the boat cruise). It is a more relaxed atmosphere as the wine tends to loosen everyone up a bit.

Combo Tours:

At a discounted rate you can combine your Paris Night Bike Tour with a Paris Morning Bike Tour. The morning tour offers a great orientation, all the educational info, heaps of unique and fascinating stories, the opportunity to meet other travelers, fantastic photo opportunities, a comfortable bike and superb personal service from your guide. During the day there is a break at a fabulous cafe nestled in the trees of the Tuilleries Gardens. For a very reasonable price, you can enjoy a mouth-watering strawberry crepe, a delicious chicken sandwich on baguette bread, creme brulee or almost anything else your heart desires.

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