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Jack The Ripper's Sinister London Walking Tour

Jack The Ripper's Sinister London Walking Tour

This London walking tour will show you the sinister and ghostly side of London, follow the blood-soaked footsteps of murderer Jack the Ripper down narrow, gas-lit alleyways on a walking tour of London that will have you trembling with fear! You'll visit all four murder sites in Whitechapel, accompanied by an expert "Ripperologist" who will provide all the clues to this real-life Victorian Whodunit.

The year is 1888. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has just published his first Sherlock Holmes story...and in Whitechapel, in London's East End, five women are brutally murdered by the world's first recognized serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

Led by a renowned London Blue Badge guides, you will visit four murder sights, while your "Ripperologist" runs through some of the suspects in this unsolved case that led Scotland Yard to Queen Victoria herself.  

See the house in Berkeley Square that was so terrifying that for most of the 19th century it was known as 'the most haunted house in London'. Hear about the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane where a distressed man in 18th century attire is regularly seen striding backstage. Shudder at the tale of the demon barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd, and had an accomplice Mrs Lovatt who was said to have baked pies from the flesh of his victims, selling them to unsuspecting customers.

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