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Caravaggio Rome Walking Tour

Caravaggio Rome Walking Tour Discover the art and life of Caravaggio, a painter who left an indelible mark on Rome. This fascinating walking tour takes you to see Caravaggio's most characteristic masterpieces, and weaves a fascinating story with a tragic end.

A promising youth born into wealth and opportunity, Caravaggio was an artistic genius tortured by the demons of his past and present. He spent long periods of time running from the law and the Church, experiencing bouts of sickness and extreme suffering while continuing to create his masterpieces. His artworks were largely forgotten after his death, only to be rediscovered and newly appreciated in recent history.

The experience of studying a painting by Caravaggio can often be overwhelming, as he had a talent for depicting his subjects in the moment of most intense and realistic drama. His exuberant use of light gives his paintings a shocking quality that stunned those who commissioned his works and continues to astonish the public today.

Caravaggio cavorted with prostitutes and shady characters, and used them as subjects for his religious paintings. Many of the original versions of his paintings ended up in private collections after being rejected by the Church. The artist broke new frontiers in the Baroque style, and "Put the 'oscuro' in chiaroscuro" (the dramatic lighting technique used by Baroque artists). He also inspired countless young artists of his time and afterwards, leaving behind a whole school of "Carravagisti" to carry on his legacy.

Entrance fees to the Galleria Pamphilij and Galleria D'Arte Antica at Palazzo Barberiniare are included in the tour price. Tours are conducted in small groups (maximum 25 people) with an English-speaking guide who can personally cater to you so your visit is a special and unforgettable experience.

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Price - Starting from $66.10 per person
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