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Capitoline Museums and Origins of Rome Walking Tour

Capitoline Museums and Origins of Rome Walking Tour See how Rome evolved from humble beginnings into one of the world's most famous empires on a walking tour into the past. This comprehensive tour encompasses Rome's legendary origins and modern grandeur, highlighting Rome's architectural magnificence.

The tour begins at Trajan's Column in the Imperial Fora, where your guide will place the Capitoline in context with the modern Victor Emmanuel II Monument (Il Vittoriano), a major monument commemorating the Italian Revolution and unification.

From the Vittoriano, you will walk up Michelangelo's famous Renaissance staircase to Piazza Campidoglio atop the Capitoline Hill, where the ancient bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius awaits you. One of the seven hills of Rome, the Capitoline was the first capitol of the Roman world. It was from this hill that we derive the word "capitol".

The tour includes a comprehensive visit inside the Capitoline Museums (entrance tickets included in tour price), the oldest public museum collection in the world. Founded by Pope Sixtus IV in 1471, the Capitoline Museums house famous pieces of art such as the Dying Gaul, Capitoline Venus, the colossal bronze sculpture of Marcus Aurelius, the Capitoline She-Wolf, Bernini's Medusa, and the colossal statue remains of Constantine.

Enjoy one of the best views of the Roman Forum from the Tabularium underneath the Capitoline Museums before re-emerging in Michelangelo's Piazza Campidoglio.

Your visit of the Capitoline Hill concludes with magnificent views of Rome's skyline on the terraces of the Victor Emmanuel Monument.

Origins of Rome Walking Tour includes but is not limited to:

  • Trajan's Column (Forum)
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Victor Emmanuel II Monument (Il Vittoriano)
  • Piazza Campidoglio (Michelangelo's Staircase and ancient bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius)
  • Capitoline Museums (Palazzo dei Conservatori, Tabularium and Palazzo Nuovo)

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Price - Starting from $52.61 per person
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