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Berlin Nest of Spies Half-Day Walking Tour

Berlin Nest of Spies Half-Day Walking Tour Explore the dark side of Berlin by taking this 'Nest of Spies' morning walking tour. From the SS and MI5 to the CIA and MI6, you'll enter the ruthless world of Spy versus Spy on this fascinating walking tour into Berlin's recent past.

To start the operation, your 'operative' will take you to the Tiergarten, where British MI5 agent Frank Foley secretly helped more than 10,000 Jews escape from Nazi Germany.

You'll visit the courtyard of the Wehrmacht HQ, where coup and assassination plots against Hitler backfired disastrously, and see where the SS masterminded their first program of mass murder, the "euthanasia project". Exploring the outwardly grand 'Stalin Allee', a showcase of post-war East Germany's communists, you'll learn how it was a scene of festering discontent in 1953.

Find out about 'Operation Gold', a top-secret CIA/MI6 spy tunnel, and how a British double agent blew the whistle on the whole operation. On Bernauer Strasse, you'll see where Berliners attempted audacious escapes under the Wall, trying to keep one step ahead of the hated East German secret police, the Stasi.

The tour finishes at the infamous Stasi HQ, office of Markus Wolf, 'the man without a face' and model for John Le Carre's spymaster 'Karla'. Take the opportunity to visit the museum at the end of the tour, where the specter of Stasi informers and their controllers will haunt your every footstep!

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Price - Starting from $16.19 per person
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