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Berlin Flak Towers Underground Walking Tour

Berlin Flak Towers Underground Walking Tour This spectacular Berlin walking tour will lead you into the bizarre realm of the interior of a blasted air raid shelter from the days of World War II. Flak Towers (Anti Aircraft Towers) had been built in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna between 1941 and 1943 and you will be able to explore two of the original 7 floors of Berlin's largest bunker complex. Climb down from the top of the tower via the only remaining staircase and learn more about the historic background of these huge grey monsters in the inner districts of the biggest Cities of the Third Reich. They were part of am ambiguous construction program directed by Adolf Hitler himself to supply the civil population with shelter places.

Up to 50 000 people stayed in the lower levels of each of the big flak towers and the upper levels were reserved to military action. Be prepared to look into the abyss of a former ammunition elevator and thanks to a solid and safe steel construction, no one needs to suffer from altitude sickness! Now, the Flak Towers has been transformed from a shelter for human beings into a habitation for some of the most mysterious creatures of the night. Bats do use the inner halls during the winter season for their hibernation which means that the shelter is closed to the public from November to the end of March. Towards the end of the tour you will learn a little bit of how these flying mammals really live.

Berliner Unterwelten e.V.
Price - Starting from $12.14 per person
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