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Berlin Dark Worlds Underground Walking Tour

Berlin Dark Worlds Underground Walking Tour Embark on the Dark Worlds walking tour and be transported to a fascinating time in Berlin's history. Hundreds of people a day walk past a green door in the Berlin subway station Gesundbrunnen without knowing that behind it, rooms entrenched in history exist. How uncomfortable it must have been to have been crammed inside these small rooms, with the constant whirr of the ventilation machine and the terrible thundering of the bomber aircraft overhead. The atmosphere can still be sensed today.

The main themes of this tour are the bombing campaign and civilian shelters, the bunker complexes as well as a selection of objects from below central Berlin, remnants from World War II. The complicated subject of the protection of wartime constructions as monuments is also discussed. Enjoy an exhibition of the finds that the Berliner Underworld Association have retrieved during their work below ground.

The Underworld Museum displays finds from the long history of subterranean Berlin, for example Berlin's late 19th Century pneumatic pipe post system, the cathedral like brewery cellars and the hundreds of kilometers of Berlin's drainage systems.

Berliner Unterwelten e.V.
Price - Starting from $12.14 per person
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